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BOMAKER TV SoundBar, Customized Ultra Deep Bass/ 9 EQ/ CEC Remote/ 3D Surround Bar with HDMI-ARC, Optical, AUX, BT, USB In-Odine IV

  • 360° 3D Sound: Pumps out 100W sound. Restore sounds and provide a more realistic multi-dimensional audio experience from 4 full-range drivers
  • Surging Bass: 1.5L ultra-large speaker cavity, 2-channel systems achieve sound image positioning and open sound field effect. Distortion reduced to less than 0.5%
  • 9 Equalizer Modes: Hear every note from Hifi, Dynamic, Music, Movies, News, Game or 3D, dialogue, explosion and detail with crystal-clear precision
  • Set Free with 1 Remote: CEC remote manages your TV/soundbar with one step. Turn off the led display or switch modes by remote wirelessly
  • No Disconnection & Unsynchronized: BT 5.0 with up to 33ft range so you can stream with your devices anywhere without lags

2021 Upgraded TV Sound Bar

100W 7+2 Smart EQ Modes

3D Surrounded Sound

Dynamic, Hi-Fi Dual Style and Powerful Acoustic Structure

Real 360° Immersive 3D Surround Horizontal Sound

Hear every note, dialogue, detail with crystal-clear precision

Brings you the most immersive and astonishing bass sound

CEC Mode: (Only in HDMI mode)

Clever use of the CEC (a new-ish breakthrough remote control operation) protocol, one remote is all you need. Directly one-key to turn on /off soundbar and TV with the BOMKAER remote, uplift your home theater experience instantly

Ten-stage (-5~+5) Shock Bass Woofer

We carefully engineered 4 long-stroke mid-woofers with 2.25 inches, each woofer has a large cavity volume of more than 1.3 liters per side, in order to obtain <0.5% ultra-low distortion sound and greater low-frequency loudness sound

Night Mode: Remote LED Light Off

Never worry while enjoying a midnight movie with Odine IV sound bar with a night mode! Just turn off the led light directly through the remote control to avoid visual disturbance and fully immersed in the midnight movie.

Strong Signal-No cut out

HDMI ARC, brings you precise sound and ultra high-fidelity 4k video experience. Plus: to Roku, Samsung other model TVs, please turn on PCM Stereo. All cables included, connct to your TV via HDMI ARC,Optical, AUX, USB cables easily

Noise Filter—Say goodbye to the disturbing buzz

Noise-removal technology is our latest technological breakthrough. Our world-class audio engineers apply the acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modeling to minimize the humming noise floor and get quadruple mid-bass.

Upgrade 5.0 Bluetooth-- No lag, No delay, Only freedom!

Built-in strengthened BT chip allows to wirelessly stream audio from mobile devices within 0.5s.

The longest transmission distance reach to 20 meters which can get 1.5 liters of sound chamber volume.

Compatible with most electronic products even Alexa/ Echo Dot

BOMAKER sound bar for TV provides a user-friendly user experience. With the function of matching everying, easily connect with Roku Samsung Vizio Sharp TV etc or even Alexa/ Echo Dot.

Adjustable Surging Bass

1.5L, 2.6inch tall ultra-large speaker cavity, and built-in subwoofer make the tv speakers create rich, powerful bass. The separate left and right two channel sound systems can achieve obvious sound image positioning and open sound effect with lower 0.5% distortion, without hissing noise.

Frequently asked questions

How do you hook it up if there is a tv?

You have a few choices. You can use RCA cords, optical cable and HDMI cable etc. Even if your TV has Bluetooth function, you can also connect via Bluetooth 5.0.

How to connect the soundbar with your tv via HDMI cable?

a. Please connect an HDMI cable from the Tv's ARC port (HDMI) to the ARC port on the soundbar.

b. Please switch the input mode to "ARC" which means ARC input, then turn on PCM settings on your tv, It will work properly.


How to connect the soundbar with your tv via optical cable?

a.Firstly, please remove the plastic protectors from the ends of the optical cable, you will be able to connect the cable to both tv and soundbar.

b. When connect the optical cable with your tv, please switch the mode to "OP" which means optical input, then turn on PCM settings on your tv, It will work properly.


More questions?

If you would like to get faster response or send you manual, please email us at: