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    Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Projector Mis à niveau Full HD 1080P Pris en charge - GC355 (Blanc)

    • GC355 n’est pas disponible pour l’Australie

    • Véritable projecteur WiFi HD en cours de constructionン Pas besoin d’acheter des câbles pour connecter les appareils à de plus grands écrans. Écran sans fil reflétant des films, des vidéos, des applications, des jeux, des photos sur les appareils mobiles au grand écran à tout moment sans les tracas des cordons, adaptateurs et dongles. AirPlay, Miracast, compatible avec les smartphones iOS/ Android/ Samsung, /PC/Mac et Windows 10.
    • Luminosité accrueン Amélioré 40% plus lumineux que l’original.1280x720 résolution native,1080p pris en charge, 50000 heures pour les détails riches dans différentes scènes. Le bruit du ventilateur a diminué de 15 % par rapport au projecteur ordinaire. Parfait pour le divertissement à domicile et le bureau à domicile
    • Rétroviseur sans fil en 5 secondesン Simplement 2 étapes pour lancer du contenu à partir de votre mobile ou ordinateurs portables. 1. Passez aux paramètres, connectez-vous au projecteur WiFi nommé « Miroir-EBCE88 », entrez mot de passe: 12345678, Activer les paramètres de rétroviseur dans le centre de contrôle et se connecter à « Mirroring-EBCE88 »
    • Projecteur multimédia✓ Les projecteurs Bomaker ont une fonction wifi, qui permettent une connexion sans fil rapide avec iPhone, iPad, Mac, Huawei, téléphones Android et ordinateur portable. (Soutenir Miracast sur les appareils qui viennent avec Windows 10. Miracast appareils Android comprennent ceux qui sont 4.2 et plus tard.)
    • Théâtre cinématographique géant de maison✓ Miracast ce que vous avez vu sur les petits écrans à 35-300'' écran géant, instantanément - La distance idéale est de 8,2-11,4 pieds avec 80-100'' grand écran. Profitez de soirées cinéma en plein air en famille!
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    Bomaker Wi-Fi Mini Projector Mis à niveau Full HD 1080P Pris en charge - GC355 (Blanc)
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    The Latest Upgraded Low Light Wane with 80% Higher Brightness Uniformity.

    Equipped with advanced self-developed premium fresnel lens and LCD screen to improve the brightness uniformity, which can promise that the brightness will not fade off when time goes by. Undoubtedly, it will be your best choice for long-term investment.

    No More Blurry Four Corners & Focus Issue

    This video projector adopts a new square pixel arrangement and high-quality optical solution, which can offer high-definition four-corner brightness and resolution. The edges are no longer blurred, the details in each corner are optimized. Latency is below 35ms, no more input lag, WiFi projector adopts premium chipset to ensure no cut-out or delay during playing games. 75fps plus 200’’ big screen, transports you to the center of the action and claim more glorious victories.

    Portable Projector Screen for Backyard

    The foldable screen is made with Polyester fabric, which is sharper and brighter. The Projection Screen is thick and smooth, with no wrinkle when folded/crushed. Comes with 8 hooks, you can fasten the movie screen within 1 minute. Supports hand washing and machine washing. It supports double sides projection, ideal choice for home theater movies and outdoor activity.100-inch 16:9 Movie Screen, diagonal 160" viewing area, 14*14*0.80 inches size, 0.79lbs only.

    Upgraded Eye Protection Design To Protect Children's Eyesight Health!

    With the large-screen eye-protection light source design and diffuse reflection technology, your baby's eyes do not focus on the screen, but the eyeballs always remain flexible. It is the best choice for kids to watching and learning.


  • Brand

  • Model

  • Display Technology

  • Light Source

  • Native Resolution

  • Brightness

    200 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast Ratio

    ±15° manual Vertical
  • Throw Ratio

  • Projection Modes

    front / rear / upside down
  • Projection Distance


  • Zoom Function (X/Y)

    100% - 75%
  • Noise

  • Ports

    HDMI x2,
    USB x2,
    VGA x1,
    AV x1,
    Audio Out x1
  • Packing List

    WiFi Projector x 1
    Screw x 1
    HDMI Cable x 1
    3-in-1 AV cable x 1
    Power adapter x 1
    User Manual x 1
    Remote control x 1 (no battery)

  • FAQ

    Q: What is Native Resolution?

    A: Every projector that uses micro displays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those micro displays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector.

    Q: Can this projector play Netflix?

    A: Due to copyright, almost all Wi-Fi projectors on the market are not compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Video when syncing screen via Wi-Fi. Hope you can understand and please use the TV stick/ Chromecast to play these videos.

    Q: What is Supported Resolution?

    A: On the market, most 480p projector claims it is "Full HD 1080p supported". To be honest, overall clarity and sharpness determined by native resolution.480p projector can only process 1080p video source, but overall clarity still is 480p.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 93 reviews
    Louise Paquette
    Perfect for my needs

    The projector was easy to set up and it's so nice viewing movies on a larger screen. Great for when we have movie night with the grandkids.

    Destinee M.
    bomaker gc355

    this projector is such good quality. it is the perfect size to bring with you wherever you go. i’ve only had it for about a week now but it was the best thing i’ve bought in a while. only critique is that the speaker is a little quiet so i recommend having a bluetooth one to use with it.

    Koye C.

    I bought the projector to use at work (I’m a teacher), so I could share my screen, apps, & more. I decided to try it out at home first and it is awesome! I just wanted to try this and projected some cat videos from my phone to the curtains & it is our cats new favorite toy. Even on the dark curtains this projector has excelled, clear quality.

    Mirco G.

    I love It, I have the pleasure to have used it a lot without troubles and do quite of a show off with my friends!! Maybe a bit noisy the fan, but yeah it is a projector!!
    Definitely not worth using it with the gifted screen, it gives the best with a proper projector screen (btw a 120 inches motorized one, it can cost less than $100/€100 and its the best mate for this projector).
    For sure if Bomaker finds the way to create a water cooled proper full hd projector (with an external pump to "remote" the noise), I will be the first in the line to buy it!


    This inexpensive projector is well worth its humble price. We have been using it for movie nights in the patio, hanging a white collapsible screen from a rafter, and the performance has been outstanding. At 720p native resolution, there is a very crisp picture quality. I have it hooked to a Google Chromecast through its HDMI port, and I cast from my cell phone to the Chromecast, which is projected on the screen. The internal speaker is usable, but it is recommended to use an external speaker if you are in a large environment. We use a Bose Bluetooth speaker hooked up through the 3.5 mm audio output jack and it is more than enough. Actually, the great experience with this little champ is making me think about scrapping my main TV and going for a bigger projector for the house. Excellent value!

    Questions fréquemment posées

    A-t-il conduit ?

    Bonjour, il y a un indicateur LED au milieu de la barre de son indiquant les modes d'entrée et le niveau de volume. J'espère que cela peut être utile.

    J'ai du mal à faire jouer le subwoofer. S'il vous plaît aider.

    Bonjour, concernant ce problème, il se peut que le subwoofer ne soit pas bien connecté. Voici comment coupler le caisson de basses sans fil à la barre de son :
    A : Voici le lien sur la façon de coupler : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y7iuePB4sAEc6vvK5BZVAAJggEtjEOWJ/view?usp =partage
    Étape 1 : Veuillez brancher l'alimentation du subwoofer ;
    Étape 2. Veuillez allumer l'interrupteur et appuyer sur le bouton "PAIR KEY" ;
    Étape 3 : Lorsque la connexion est terminée, le voyant rouge s'allume et rreste fixe.

    Dimension de la barre de son s'il vous plait ?

    Bonjour, les dimensions du subwoofer sont de 3,5''W * 15,7''H * 8,2''D. Et les dimensions de la barre de son sont de 34,6''L * 2,5''H * 2,5''D. J'espère que cela peut être utile. Merci beaucoup.

    Plus de questions?

    Si vous souhaitez obtenir une réponse plus rapide ou vous envoyer un manuel, veuillez nous envoyer un e-mail à : support@bomaker.com