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    CalmDo 26.3 Quart Multi-function Air Fryer Oven

    • 12 PRE-SETTINGS AND ALL-IN-ONE: such as fries, chicken wings, steak, pizza, vegetables, keep warm, grill, bake, cook, dehydrate, ferment, etc. to meet your daily needs. And this air fryer can also be used as air fryer, toaster, roaster, convection oven, conventional oven and more. Give you more different cooking options.
    • 25L LARGE CAPACITY HOUSEHOLD: The 4-level cooking of this air fryer provides extra space, allowing you to cook for a large family of 4-8 people at the same time. Its stainless steel liner can hold 5 kg of whole chicken, a 12 inch pizza, 1 kg of fries, 16 egg pies, 26 chicken wings, etc.
    • HEALTHY FRYING WITH LOW FAT & NO OIL: 1800W power and 360° hot air circulation technology help cook food efficiently and healthily. Make the skin of fried food more tender, restore the crispy taste of food and reduce fat by over 85%. Plus: Saves time and effort compared to conventional ovens.
    • REFLEXED, SAFE AND EASY TO USE DESIGN: Equipped with LED touch control panel with digital display, Low-E glass double door with effective insulation, the oven's interior lighting allows you to clearly observe the condition of your food. The steel tray at the bottom of the oven can be removed to catch crumbs or cookie crumbs, as well as any grease dripping from the chicken.
    • HIGH QUALITY, EASY TO CLEAN MATERIALS: the interior of the air fryer is made of carefully selected 304 stainless steel, which is durable, safe and easy to clean. Comes with 5 accessories: 1 fry basket, 1 bread oven rack, 1 roast chicken, 1 fruit dehydrator and 1 glove. You can also wash in the dishwasher.
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    CalmDo 26.3 Quart Multi-function Air Fryer Oven
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    Why choose this air fryer?

    ✔ 12 preset functions: meet all your daily needs, suitable for family and friends gathering. ✔ High power of 1800W: fast and even heating, making food more delicious. ✔ Large 25L capacity: designed internally with four layers to make more food at once. ✔2-layer glass door: good internal insulation effect, in addition to avoiding skin burn. ✔ 5 accessories: oven rack, dehydration tray, baking tray, air fryer basket, anti-scald gloves and 20 unique recipes. ✔ Easy to clean: Made of stainless steel inside and out, just wipe gently with a damp cloth. ✔ Simple operation: LED control panel, one button operation. ✔ Premium look: perfect gift for family and friends.

    High power for faster cooking time

    The advantages of our convection ovens over traditional air fryers Faster cooking time: 1800 watts of power for fast heating, 6 heating elements and a large fan on top create 360° hot air circulation inside the stainless steel oven, cooking 40% faster than an air fryer. Make a quick pizza in 11 minutes and use less. Larger capacity: this air oven has an internal capacity of 25L, 5 times the capacity of a regular 5L air fryer. You can easily fit 6 slices of toast, a 12" pizza or a whole 5kg chicken. Ideal for large families of 4 to 8 people.

    12 preset functions with temperature range from 38°C to 230°C

    Common functions and their default temperature and time settings :

    Dough fermentation: 38℃/40 minutes

    Dehydration: 50℃/4 hours

    Cooking: 176°C / 20 minutes

    Pizza: 200℃/11 minutes

    Baking: 200℃/30min

    French fries: 230℃/25 minutes

    Toast: 230℃/3 minutes

    Note: The "Toast" function does not adjust the temperature. The Time icon adjusts the toast level (light: 3 minutes, medium: 4 minutes, dark: 5 minutes).

    2-Basket Air Fryer Key Benefits

    LED Touch Screen

    The LED touch screen gives you a better experience. Simply select the preset program and the air fryer oven will do the rest. You can also adjust the temperature and cooking time according to your needs.

    Internal oven light

    You can control the light via the LED touch screen. With this oven light, you can check the status of food at any time. The oven light is also replaceable.

    4 cooking areas

    4-layer cooking area, large capacity of 25 l, provides a large cooking space, suitable for large families. Depending on the type of food, you can put food in the appropriate cooking layer.

    Stainless steel interior

    Stainless steel is durable and retains more heat in the oven for faster cooking. At the same time, it not only prevents bad odors, but also makes cleaning easier.

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  • Brand

  • Capacity

    26.3 QT
  • Power

  • Voltage

  • Product Size

    450*400*375 mm
  • Item Weight

  • Temperature Range

  • Function

    Chicken Wings, Steak, Pizza, Gemüse, Warmhalten, Toast, Backen
  • Certificate

    UL Listed
  • Accessory List

    Airfryer Basket*1 Oven Rack *1 Baking Pan *1 Crumb Tray *1 Dehydrator Tray*1

  • FAQ

    Q: Can I prepare foods other than fried dishes with my Air Fryer Oven?

    A: You can prepare a variety of dishes, including steaks, chops, burgers, and baked goods.

    Q: Is the Air Fryer Oven good for making or reheating soups and sauces?

    A: Never cook or reheat liquids in the Air Fryer Oven.

    Q: What do I do if the appliance shuts down while cooking?

    A: As a safety feature, the Air Fryer Oven has an Auto Shut-Off device that prevents damage from overheating. Unplug and allow the appliance to cool down, plug back in and restart with the Power Button.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 257 reviews
    Emilio C.

    Prodotto eccellente, multifunzione, cottura e frittura perfetta! Ottimo acquisto!

    Kari Oakes

    I have had my oven now for about 3 months and love it.the size is larger than I imagined but makes it useful for cooking larger dishes. I use the air fry often. Makes great grilled cheese sandwiches. I do have to flip them just like the stove but they are better. The only cons would be the knobs get hot during cooking and the indicators telling me the temp, action are hard to read.


    I like the oven and air fryer aspect of this item, food has all turned out great! What I dislike is the trays and racks it came with. After the first wash, the wire rack already started getting rusty. One of the flat trays dark finish is bubbling.So I’m happy with the air fryer, but unhappy with the accessories.

    Joycelyn C.

    I bought this oven less than a year I bought this oven June 29th 2020 to be exact it was working fine now all of a sudden it just stop working very disappointed after paying all that money. At a lost

    lauri johnson

    I am able to use this for oven cooking in smaller amounts, and as a toaster, as well as the air fryer.It is a good size and looks nice on counter top. I like the convection oven feature as it does cook much faster. I am not certain how to preheat the oven, the only way I can find is set the timer and estimate how long is needed.