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Bomaker Magic 420 Pro

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What is Native Resolution?

Every projector that uses micro displays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those micro displays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector.

Can this projector play Netflix?

Due to copyright, almost all Wi-Fi projectors on the market are not compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Video when syncing screen via Wi-Fi. Hope you can understand and please use the TV stick/ Chromecast to play these videos.

What is Supported Resolution?

On the market, most 480p projector claims it is "Full HD 1080p supported". To be honest, overall clarity and sharpness determined by native resolution.480p projector can only process 1080p video source, but overall clarity still is 480p.



Blurry Image

1. Make sure the projection distance is farther than the minimum projection distance of 1.2m. 2. Adjust focus ring/keystone.

The content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services cannot be mirrored or cast?

Due to copyright restriction from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services, the contents MAY NOT be mirroring.

What should I do if I want to watch the content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services via the projector?

Please prepare a Fire TV stick, Roku stick or ChromecastTM (not included), then connect it to the projector to watch the content.

What to do if the screen imrroring fails?

1. Make sure the projector's input source is Screen Mirroring. 2. Press and hold on 'OK' key 10s to reset the projector and try again.

Remote Unresponsive

1. Make sure remote points at IR receiver directly. 2. Do not cover IR receiver. 3. Try a new pair of AAA batteries.

The projector cannot be screen mirroring?

1. FIrstly, please kindly check whether the projector selects the Screen Mirroring input source and whether the device is connected to the projector WiFi. 2. Please make sure the device and projector connect to the same WiFi if the projector features WiFi function. 3. Please unplug the power and re-apply it again if the Screen Mirroring input source is selected and the WiFi is connected while the projector still cannot be screen mirroring. 4. Please reset the projector if it still cannot work after unplugging the power. 5. Please feel free to contact us at

Black spots appear on the projector image?

1. Open the Maintenance Window on the bottom of the projector. 2. Slide the upper and lower parts of the bottom with a hair dryer (the blow gun or an electric blower is better)/ 3. Check the projection screen to see if there are still dead pixels or black dots. If yes, you need to do it again until it is cleared. 4. When there are no dead pixels on the screen, you need to close the Maintenance Window.

Fail to connect the Bluetooth?

1. Please open the projector and device Bluetooth setting. 2. Please check if the device pair with the projector successfully. 3. If the projector cannot work when paired, please unplug the power and re-apply it again.

How far between the projector and the wall to get a 100 inches image?

1. The projector throw ratio is 1.4, and the length of the 100-inch screen is 2214mm. 2. The throw ratio = the distance from the projector to the wall / the projection screen length. According to 1.4 = distance/2214, the distance should be 3099mm.

There is no signal on the projector?

1. Please make sure all cables are connected to the projector correctly and stably. 2. Please check whether the projector input source mode has been selected as the correct source. 3. For example: if the device and the projector are connected with an HDMI cable, the HDMI input source must be selected for projection, otherwise there is no signal if other source are selected.



What kind of warranty are you offering?

Our projector is covered by a 1-month money back guarantee for defective device and 2-year hassle-free repair service.